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Arranged North to South
Route Start (Closest City) Finish Via Description File
Suncrest to Alpine Stoneleigh Heights Dr. (Suncrest-Draper) Fort Canyon Rd. (Alpine) Unnamed Trails Very runnable trails from a Suncrest subdivision to fort canyon in alpine. (5-6 Miles rolling with a downhill net) suncrest_fortcanyon.kml
Lone Peak Wilderness Lone Peak Wilderness Trailhead (Grove Dr, Alpine) (Out and Back)   Main trailhead to lead to over to Silver Lake, AF Canyon, Several Peaks. (Varies-Lots of Climbing on all 3 trails) lonepeakwilderness.kml
Alpine Trail to AF Canyon LDS Church just off E. Alpine Blvd. A.F. Canyon East Bench, Alpine Gateway to the Alpine Trail System. Unmarked trails head due South to AF Canyon just above house level. (Short and relatively easy) alpine_to_afcanyon.kml
  Dry Canyon Trailhead (Lindon) Stairway Tr. (North Orem) Big Baldy Summit, Little Baldy, Rock Pile Starts at Dry Canyon up to the Baldy Summit to Baldy Saddle, down to Little Baldy Saddle, to The Rock Pile and finish at the Stairway Trailhead in N. Orem. (15+ Miles?) baldy_littlebaldy.kml
Trial on Trail 51 Stairway Trailhead (North Orem) (Loop) Trail 51, Rock Pile, Dry Canyon Trial on Trail 51 Course. Great loop going up 'the stairway' along the BST, left up to the rockpile, on to trail 51 West to Dry Canyon, and back along the Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST). (12k) trail51_loop.kml
Horse Trail-Great Western -BST Loop Stairway Trailhead (North Orem) (Loop) Horse Trail, Rock Pile, Great Western Trail, BST From Stairway Trailhead go ENE on the Horse Trail, go left on the ridge trail, right down to the rockpile, and take the Great Western down to the BST (Grizzly Road) and back to the start. (7-8 Miles)


Grizzly 8k Canyon Glen (Provo Cyn) (Loop) Pipeline, Grizzly, Grizzly Road, Great Valley Trial Course of the Grizzly 8k. From Canyon Glen, climb to pipeline, turn right head east and then left up Grizzly, left on grizzly road, then left (at the gate) down the great valley trail back to pipeline and finish. (8k) gizzly8k.kml
Deer Creek to the Mouth Deer Creek Dam (Provo Canyon) Mouth of Provo Canyon Dam Trail, Railroad Tracks, Provo River Pkwy, Pipeline Trail Take the trail from Deer Creek Dam to the Railroad Tracks (fence hopping/trespassing may be involved) to Vivian Park. Provo River Pwwy to Upper Falls, Crossover and take the trail to the hwy, cross and up to pipeline. Pipeline to drinking fountain at Mt. Timp Park and finish at the Mouth of Provo Canyon. (12 Miles) dam_to_mouth.kml
Big Springs Loop Big Springs State Park (S. Fork Provo Canyon) (Loop) Big Springs Trail, Squaw Peak 50 Course (Reverse) Battle at Big Springs 8k Course. Start at the top of Big Springs State Park (S. Fork Provo Cyn), and run the Big Springs Loop going clockwise and finish near South Fork Road. (8k) big_springs.kml
Hope to Hobble Hope Campground (Squaw Peak Rd., Provo Canyon) Hobble Creek Golf Course (Springville) Squaw Peak, Rock Canyon, Camel Pass From Hope Campground, take Squaw Peak Road (SPR), at overlook take singletrack to viewpoint and then down and cross SPR again to get to Rock Canyon jct. Continue on SPR all the way to Hobble Creek Canyon North Fork and down road to Golf Course. (24 Miles) hope_to_hobble.kml
Squaw Peak Loop Indian Road Trailhead (N. Provo) Rock Canyon Squaw Peak Overlook, Rock Canyon Overlook, Campground, Trail 60 Follow Indian Road Trail East to BST Provo Canyon, up Turkey Ridge next to Squaw Peak Road, through the overlook on the singletrack to Rock Canyon Overlook, down to Rock Canyon Campground to Rock Canyon. squaw_peak_loop.kml
L.A. Freeway, Mexican Fwy (BST Provo) Rock Canyon (Provo) BST Springville (E. Center St.) BST (LA Freeway, Y Trailhead, etc.) Follows the BST from Rock Canyon all the way to the Water Tank above Springville. Go N-S Via: Y Trailhead, Slate Canyon, Slide Canyon, Potash (White Mouth). rock_to_springville.kml
Provo Peak Rock Canyon (Provo) Provo Peak Summit Rock Cyn, SPR Go up Rock Canyon trail 60 through the campground and continue up trail 60 to SPR, continue to hairpin just above 8300 feet and take trail to West ridge to the Summit. provo_peak.kml
North Provo BST Rock Canyon (Provo) Piute Dr. (Provo) N. Provo BST Cross the bridge north 200 meters up the trail from Rock Canyon Parking Area. Follow Bonneville trail north until it dies out next to Piute Drive in the Provo Foothills. n_provo_bst.kml
Alpine to Slickrock 50 Miler Pack Creek Picnic Area-Off La Sal Loop Road (Moab) Slickrock Trailhead (Moab) La Sal Pass, Geyser Pass, Burro Pass, Miners Pass, Porcupine Rim The first 46+ Miles of the Alpine to Slickrock 50 Miler in Moab. Beautiful Singletrack from miles 3 to 30 + great slickrock running towards the end. mas50.kml