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Timpanogos Park Trailhead Running Trails
Running Trails from Timpanogos Park
About 1 mile up Provo Canyon on the North side of the road is Timpanogos Park. It offers bathrooms, drinking fountains and a good view from the park. Obviously, the Provo River "trail" is the most popular path to go through this area, but it is also known for it's nearly year round drinking fountain on the West end along the river trail.
 1. The Pipeline Trail The PipelineTrail (or green snake as it was called before they changed the color) is a nice, relatively flat trail that can take you up the canyon nearly to Bridal Veil Falls. To access it from the drinking fountain, run North a few paces until you see on your left the faint (18 inch wide) dirt trail go between some trees. Follow this as it climbs for about 5 minutes up to the dirt road next to the pipeline. Go left toward the mouth of Provo Canyon or right (regular route) to head up the canyon. From this trail you can connect to the Great Valley Trail at Canyon Glen (left) or continue (straight) toward "Grizzly".
Provo River "Trail" Paved path continues up the canyon going through Timpanogos park and next to the diversion dam in this area.
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