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Mouth of Provo Canyon Trailhead
The Provo River Trailhead at the Mouth of Provo Canyon is the starting point for many outdoor enthusiasts on any given day. The "trail" is usually full of runners, walkers, bikers, rollerbladers, and longboarders. There was a day when this trail used to be a very nice unpaved path, but it has since gone to the masses.
 1. Provo River Parkway (Provo Canyon) This paved path (i.e. not a real trail) currently goes up the canyon all the way past vivian park and will soon connect all the way to soldier hollow in Midway. For some soft surface trail running, check out the Pipeline Trail route or any of the MANY trails that branch off of the main. Highlights include the trail from the drinking fountain around 1 mile up, the trail from the Canyon Glen drinking fountain, Grizzly (from Nunns Park), and Bonneville Bridal Veil.
 2. Provo River Parkway (Provo Center) Heads South and then West winding through Provo all the way out to Utah Lake. (All paved)
 3. Orem Connector Trail Goes West into Orem where you can pick up the Murdock Canal (at 800 North & 1100 East).
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