Bonneville Bridal Veil - Running Trails from Nunns Park in Provo Canyon, Utah - Bonneville Bridal Veil, Grizzly, Pipeline Trail
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Bonneville Bridal Veil
Running Trails from Nunns Park/Bridal Veil Parking Lot
About 4 miles up Provo Canyon on the South side of the road is the Nunns/Bridal Veil Parking Lot---From the parking area, head (east) up the river "trail" (paved bike path) towards bridal veil falls---in less than 200 meters is a Bonneville Shoreline Trail Marker on the right---proceed!
 1. Bonneville Bridal Veil This trail goes all the way back out to Provo Canyon and connects to the Indian Road Trailhead. The trail steadily (but gently) climbs for just over a mile and a half before topping off and staying relatively flat the rest of the way. The "Sylvia trail" (of Squaw Peak 50 fame) branches off about a half mile before the trail reaches and crosses Squaw Peak Road.
 2. Pipeline Grizzly Connector Trail A continuation of the pipeline trail that connects over to "Grizzly" above Nunns Park.
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