--- Trail Running Battle Creek Canyon, Utah
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Battle Creek Canyon Trailhead
This trailhead offers something for just about everybody, from flat dirt roads to waterfalls and beastly climbs. Directions: From Orem State Street take a right on 1600 North and take first left (400 West) and follow it a few miles to Battle Creek Drive. Take a right on Battle Creek Drive and head up to the parking area.
 1. Bonneville Battle Loop Connector One of the best sections of the BST in Utah Valley offers sweeping views
  2. Battle Creek Trail Battle Creek Falls is a little over a mile up this trail that connects to trails heading to Baldy or Timponooke
  3. BST 'G' Mountain This is the infamous 4.5 mile beast of a road. (Paved)
 4. Bonneville Battle Creek (BST) + Dirt Road This is part of the Bonneville Battle Creek Loop that is completed by connecting to trail 1. Continue on the dirt road all the way to Dry Canyon for a relatively flat excursion.
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